Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wooden Ribbon Holder

I just had to share with everyone the Wooden Ribbon Holder My Hubby made me this weekend. After all the  Black Friday sales there was not a single one out there worth buying.The only one with a ribbon holder on sale was Joanne's and that was on Saturday it was 9.99 and it was a standing rack that they normally sell for 24.99. Either way it was not what I was looking for any way. So back to the drawing board sort of speak. I started to search the internet for pictures of what it was I want and finally found it. It was a google picture which ultimately caught my eye. So I brought my Hubby in to see the picture and sure enough he was like easy enough I can make that. I come home from volunteering with the animal shelter today and sitting in my craft cave is my brand new ribbon Holder:) Above is my Video Showing my Holder:)


Shannin said...

What a wonderful suprise Melissa! So happy for you and your hubby did a fantastic job! Have a great day.


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