Thursday, August 25, 2011

Empty House

The  house is so quiet it is eery. I can hear everything from the dripping of the faucet someone did not turn off all the way to the dog licking her paws so intently. My house is to quiet!! My Girls have started public school today:( After homeschooling them for so many years they decided they want to try public school this year. My husband and I had agreed we would only homeschool them as long as they wanted to be homeschooled. Well last year was their final year. Here I sit on there first day of Public school and I feel like my heart is breaking in 2. I miss them both so terribly already I know as time goes by that it will not be as bad  but  I am used to my girls being with me at all times. It really is weird not having them here. To not be able to just go up stairs and peek in on them or see what they are up to;( Well Here are some picts of my Beautiful Ladies:) I think I will go and Hide in my Craft Cave and create some Art to elevate some pain and help take my mind away for a while:)


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