Friday, July 8, 2011

The Finished Cake

Well after a long day of baking and decorating I am finally done and the cake is with it's new owners. They were very pleased with the results of how it turned out so I am happy.  Before I post the pictures I would like to thank who ever sent me the purse in the box swap we did in CCM. It sure came in handy today. I went up to my Craft Cave to make one. Then I remembered about the box swap so i went thru all of them and low and behold there was a purse shaped one. Even in the colors I need what luck:) That saved me time so props to you !! All I had to do was make my letters and Happy Birthday and not a purse now:) It was definitely a long day:) Well here is my Finished cake:) Have a great night everyone!!And create great ART!!


Shannin said...

Melissa, the cake turned out beautiful.

earthspirit927 said...

Thank you Shannin:) Hope the little girl loves it as much.

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