Monday, July 25, 2011

Steam Punk ATC

So I think I have had the hardest challenge yet to date. I signed up for a Steam punk swap in one of my CM Groups really not knowing what steam punk was. After looking it up and getting a little bit of a concept I thought to myself this would be a good challenge. I had never done anything like this before it is different and some artist had created some really cool ATC's using this method. OH BOY!! What was I thinking:) It truly turned out to be one of my biggest challenges to date. I sat in front of my design for weeks moving things changing things just not happy with anything. I finally came up with a designed I was satisfied with not I said satisfied not thrilled to death head over heal in love. Just satisfied. I think I have been defeated by the concept of steam punk. Is that possible LOL:) Well we all must have our kryptonite and I believe Steam punk is mine LOL!! So without further hesitation here is my Card:)


Shannin said...

Melissa your atc turned out great! I have to say that I am embarrassed that mine didn't turn out as beautiful as everyone else. I am super excited to get these tho. Have a great night.


Jamie said...

Very cool atc melissa, reminds me of carmen sandiego!! I use to play that game all the time. Can't wait to get this atc :)

earthspirit927 said...

I actually remember that game lol:) Thank you both :) you are too kind!! Not my best but definitely my most difficult challenge to date.

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