Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Friday!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. I know I have. It has not been hectic I have been home and those are always good days:)I have been creating several cards this week. Which I have showed you several. I do not want to reveal the HP cards until they are all complete. So we will still be holding off on those. As for today hopefully I will be able to get in there a little later this even and post one.But I will be spending this day creating a cake. Yes I said a cake:) For some of you that know me real well I like to dabble in cake decorating. Well a friend came to me last night in crisis the baker that was supposed to bake her nieces Birthday cake backed out on them last min. Really not cool!! Well she found out that I make cakes( Husband with a big mouth) and has asked me to make the cake for this little girls 6th Birthday. So I will be in my kitchen today instead of the Craft Cave creating a Cake Master piece insert giggle here. No I am actually not bad. I showed her other cakes I have done and she liked them. I will post a picture of my finished masterpiece. Well until then everyone have a wonderful day and CREAT GREAT ART!!


Shannin said...

How horrible to have someone back out like that at the last min. I think it is very sweet of you to bake the cake tho and I cant wait to see it! Have fun in your kitchen :)

earthspirit927 said...

Yes it was bad:( I could not imagine running a business like that.

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