Sunday, June 26, 2011

What A Day!!

Well It has been a very long day I have taken my littlest daughter up to her Girl Scout camp for the Week:( I will miss her bunches. It is her first year going by herself. Last year her older sister was in the same camp as her. I thought it would be a little tough for he but she was settle in with in an hour and ready for mom and dad to go. I was the one having the tough time. But I did well to hold back my tears until I was out of her sight then cried like a big baby in the car. I am very happy she made friends really quickly and was off and ready for adventure. As for me I will count down the days till she comes home.

 I was unable to make a card to share today since I was on the road all day. But don't forget to come back tomorrow for our ATC Sisterhood Nursery rhyme Blog Hop:) The Hop will start at tomorrow and run thru June 3oth. They are a group of very talented ladies involved in the hop.Until then Goodnight and Create Great ART!!


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